Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay

IMG_7177Set in Kolkata, India. Reviewed on 2018/12:

This is def my kind of book: highly #experimental , no linear narrative, an explosion of #streamofconciousness and monologues, unended phrases in endless descriptions. Quite the majestic ride! All coronated with its main character: the city of #kolkata . The setting is important here because I think the city gives #panty the perfect framework from which to write such an intimate, incendiary and incisive tale. An ever-growing urban metropolis leaving people trapped between progress and tradition, navigating what we’re allowed to do and what we weren’t in the past. With such a premise in mind, you know already that #sexuality is going to have a central role here. However I want to emphasize in my mini review that the use #bandyopadhyay gives to #sexualtaboos is just one example among all the other ways in which the #kolkatans choose to live their own lives to the fullest regardless of what others might say. I particularly enjoyed the intimate and casual aspect of the book. Unlike most books I’ve read before set in #india , this one is not an all-encompassing historical narrative trying to capsulate every single formative narrative in the country or in a city. #sangeetabandyopadhyay instead concentrated her book on #observations and #vignettes which ultimately say more about our lives and what matters the most than most oversized historical books. #highlyrecommended #tiltedaxis #bengaliliterature #indianliterature #urban #incomplete #subversive #contemporarylife

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