Patrice Lumumba by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja

9F094381-06AA-41B9-AF4F-8D9A9203C0C5Book set in Kinshara, DRC. Reviewed on 2019/10:

I will be forever greatful to the amazing people at the #ohiouniversitypress ! I have learned so much from these #ohioshorthistoriesofafrica and now I just want to read more and more about these influential figures. Because of trying to read books set in neighboring cities or countries, I have been reading directly or indirectly about #patricelumumba in at least 3 other books. The same thing happened earlier this month when reading about Guinea Bissau’s Amilcar Cabral and last month with Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara. Allowing myself to see and to cultivate these connections has transformed my reading experience. As I have said before, reading books set in locations close to one another allows me to read continuously. It feels as if I were reading one story spread out among several books. #lumumba is that kind of influential story. Despite every single despicable and evil twist that the Belgians wanted to inflict on #congolese people, the stories survived and continue to thrive. Their stories were considered a threat by so many people inside and outside of their respective countries because they dared to believe in the people and they dared to imagine a different path. Reading and sharing these stories make us a tiny part of that effort to keep the memory and hope alive. #recommended #kinshasa#georgesnzongolantalaja#belgiancolonialism #drcongo #zaire#congokinshasa #decolonization #drc#kisangani #transformationalreading#lumumbist #congoleseliterature#primeminister

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