Pillars of salt by Fadia Faqir

DC43ADB3-6C2B-4C0E-873A-73917FE3EDD0Book set in Fuheis, Jordan. Reviewed on 2019/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1L-9C8Aof1/

#storytelling is everything! A lot of people are going to arrive at this story because of the content. And there is no doubt that the stories of #maha and #umsaad are the main drivers and they describe a visceral and harrowing situation for #jordanianwomen battling every day her contradictory situation of being at the center of society’s preoccupation while at the same time being left out, looked down and disempowered throughout the history of #jordan and the region. Just considering what I just said, you should read this book! Personally what I think makes #pillarsofsalt by #fadiafaqir a most excellent read and a strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth is her masterful storytelling. You basically have 3 stories being told which then bifurcate into two stories each: one about their current situation and another about their pasts. These stories do not seem connected. And that’s when #faqir ‘s awesome talent shines through. She is writing about why our stories are not connected. She writes from and about those gaps between our stories. Her writing is about shedding light into those dark and seemingly empty interludes or silences between our stories. The most powerful thing is then when the reader realizes that the gaps between our stories, the misunderstandings do not require a “thing” or an action to make them connected. Faqir makes us realize that what is missing between our stories is a feeling. #highlyrecommended #interlinkbooks#interlink #fuheis #fuhais #amman#transjordan #jordanianliterature#hashemite #الفحيص #عَمّان

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