Play it as it lays by Joan Didion

F5C09E6E-74BE-4AEA-B122-6FB5B1375C6DBook set in Los Angeles, United States. Reviewed on 2019/04:

From the reviews I read online, people tend to consider #playitasitlays by #joandidion as a window into #losangeles of the 1960s and the 1970s. Unfortunately I don’t think much has changed and when it had, it seems threatened all the time or any advance seems to hide a deeper malaise. The heart of it all here is allowing #women to live their lives and express themselves in whatever shape, form or manifestation they might choose, especially individually. #didion masterfully tells the story of one #mariawyeth , a soul trying to live her own life with her ambitions, failures, dreams and contradictions and how much she struggles with putting herself, her choices before other people’s, being unapologetically herself. The main character here is a great example on how to juggle people’s expectations and her own expectations without going insane and ultimately disappointing everyone. I also found it particularly revelatory and invigorating how Maria would have these monologues and dreams which will help her isolate herself from the unnecessary noise around her. Her surviving and self-defense mechanisms are sharp and ones she will have to employ even against herself. #recommended#hollywood #beverlyhills #la#farrarstrausandgiroux #fsg#americanliterature #nevada #nyc#livingunapologetically #bymyself#alienation #urbanalienation #her

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