Please look after mom by Kyung-Sook Shin

IMG_6578Set in Seoul, South Korea. Reviewed on 2018/11:

Two main things that I want to talk about when it comes to #pleaselookaftermom : her writing style and the sense of #beinglost despite having lived a life without too many difficulties. This is the second opportunity I have had to read the amazing #kyungsookshin . I’m still very much in love with her desire to offer something new when writing stories which have been dealt with over and over again. #familyissues especially in rapidly changing societies such as the #korean one and the accumulation of unspoken feelings and frustrations among family members particularly mom and daughter are topics which you can encounter in a lot of books. However #shin gives the story a unique perspective insofar as not only pointing out the power of #memories when it comes to our perceived reality but also the power of abrupt #changes to dramatically change our memories and therefore our realities. One radical and dreadful change mars the seemingly regular lives of these characters and it plunges them into an abyss of vague recollections and never-ending questioning. What if they have acted differently? Or maybe they did but a memory or a #perception changed it all irremediably? I think in a lot of ways this book is also a warning of taking things #forgranted and taking people for granted. Beyond that, it’s also a book about coping with our favorite myth of not knowing where changes come from until they actually happen. And even more powerfully, Shin makes you feel how visceral and deep a change can influence your life without any end in sight. What if the #nightmare never ends and subsequently becomes our given reality? If you have not yet discovered this outstanding writer, you need to check her out ASAP. #highlyrecommended#mykoreanweek #vintagecanada #seoul#koreanlit #koreanliterature #엄마를부탁해#신경숙 #서울시

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