Ponti by Sharlene Teo

IMG_7048Set in Singapore, Singapore. Reviewed on 2018/11: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqsJkM7H4g6/

What comes to mind when you think of #singapore ? Or what images or associations the gods of the algorithms on Goggle have identified as representing the quintessential definition of Singapore? Clean, modern, high-tech, a little stiff yet family-friendly. Well, #sharleneteo has instead written an explosive and subversive manifesto which centers around a simple story: a girl’s #comingofage story and trying to grasp with her identity and more importantly her past. Because of the different generations it touches, #ponti also feels like historical fiction to some extent, albeit a history made of #vignettes and firsthand accounts. Are these personal and individual stories enough to be representative of a country or of anything at all? Who can say and who cares? #teo wrote a free invitation for all of us to transgress and perpetually question those same algorithms and preconceptions we or others impose to the places we live in and those we come from. This story does not aim to define anything. It just aims to exist. It wants to exist. Who said that Singapore can’t also be cruel, filthy, feral and sweltering like an unrelenting hell? Aren’t our stories ultimately the ones shaping the environments and places we live in? #highlyrecommended#singaporean #singaporeliterature#singaporeanliterature #simonandschuster#darkcomedy #alienation #urbanjungle#horormovie #latefame#womeninsingapore #historyofsingapore#placeoforigin

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