Poso Wells by Gabriela Alemán

CFBE01BA-246D-4F51-AA1D-D0D86D033BC2Book set in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Reviewed on 2019/03: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvfoQqGnMvh/

I do not remember the last time I wanted the writer to just continue writing. I would have wanted #gabrielaaleman to have written a longer version of #posowellsand what’s going on with the people living there. For a strange reason, I’ve read a few #noir thrillers lately set in Latin America. Poso Wells is one of them but it’s also the best one. You have a parade of poignant and important issues described in an engaging and thrilling way here. The role of women in #ecuadoriansocietyor the destruction to our ecosystem or the corrupt political systems in place or the complete lack of opportunities for those born in disadvantaged communities. These are the themes mingling and intertwining with each other through the sharp and brilliant penmanship of #aleman . Again my main criticism here, if there’s even one, is that I wanted her to have expanded on the so-called mysteries. #gabrielaalemánaims to shed some light on our obsessions to hide the truth under the veil of something unknown or incomprehensible or even magical, out of this world. What if what ails us can be diagnosed and its cure is within reach? Would you come out of your comfort zone and reach out for it? #highlyrecommended #guayaquil#quito #ecuadorianliterature#citylights #citylightspublishers#citylightsbooks #alemán #thriller#runningoutofoptions #investigation#dissapearance #politicalthriller#corruption

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