Potiki by Patricia Grace

Book set in Hongoeka, New Zealand. Reviewed on 2021/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSCfe4dFfPS/

This is now my second read by #patriciagrace and I’m captivated and want more. #potiki is quite the #classic book, a #mustread if you will. There are a lot of extraneous expectations when reading this type of famous books. With its poetic style and compelling story, Potiki doesn’t disappoint and it seems timeless and powerful, perhaps more than ever. In my opinion, the best writers in the world plunge into their unique worlds or world views as deep as they can and by going so deep into their worlds, they see something uniquely human, at the core and reaches everyone ineluctably. That’s literally what #grace does here. She adds to the traditional story of guardians of the earth vs voracious vultures an element of reflection, poetry and complexity which I believe makes this book larger than life itself. #highlyrecommended #maoriliterature #maori #modernclassics #penguinbooks #newzealandliterature #urupa #teope #ngatitoa #marae

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