Prayers for the stolen by Jennifer Clement

AFDCDECB-71FA-4307-B216-6CB926D2267A.JPGBook set in Chilpancingo, Mexico. Reviewed on 2019/04:

Wow! Picked up this book very randomly. It was the only one I found set in #guerrero in #mexico and what a captivating and visceral story! A lot of things seemed #predeterminedagainst the #women living in the unforgiving mountains of Guerrero. The men are gone probably to work in the US and/or to start new families. The government doesn’t seem to care about them either. The only ones entering their town have one thing in mind: #kidnapping the young women who are forced to hide underground or behind boys’ clothes. Beyond the atrocities and inescapable calamities, I think #jenniferclement does an outstanding job at showing how the system /society as a whole seems to not only look for but to perfectly predict these #girls ‘s failures and mistakes. One strike and the system does exactly what is fabricated to accomplish: incarcerate, blame, mark for life, ruin, ‘confirm’ the stereotype, the social class, the gender, the race. There doesn’t seem to be any possible way out. However #clement adds something else to #prayersforthestolen : #womenlovethe kindness of strangers, the love and care of one woman for another one. It’s gut-wrenching, fast-paced, potent and also tender and somewhat hopeful. A great read! #recommended #acapulco#hogarth #mexicanwomen #women#cycleofviolence #chilpancingo#penmexico #drugcartels#againstallodds

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