Professor andersen’s night by Dag Solstad

50604113-33C4-4799-8D6E-DB926BC0D432Book set in Oslo, Norway. Reviewed on 2019/12:

Everything I love in one book! #professorandersen feels like Alice in Wonderland. The problem is that his boisterous fall #downtherabbithole has two main qualities: 1) endless and 2) it’s all in his head. #andersen has realized that human begins can only live their lives in the #labyrinths they allow themselves to be trapped in: family, couples, work, “hobbies”, friends, etc. Instad of succumbing to those same labyrinths, Andersen has created a #maze for himself, his own creation, his own prison. But are we really sure it’s all in his own mind? #dagsolstad ‘s brilliant writing style keeps you guessing here and there and even beyond the ending. Despite the inconclusive answers, #solstad is trying to highlight our addiction to our social prisons and the utter failure of even trying to get out of them. Throughout his life, Andersen has been navigating one or a few social prisons. Once he realized what they really are, he creates a #prison of his own in his head and this book is the imperfect map to his cell… #highlyrecommended #norwegianliterature #professorandersensnight #newdirections #oslo #professorandersensnatt #agnesscottlangeland #failinglive #toolate #trodheim #unwantedfriends

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