Samarkand by Amin Maalouf

IMG_5761Set in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Reviewed on 2018/10:

And this is how you write #historicalfiction . #maalouf is giving everyone a resounding class on how to write an exhilarating story unequivocally embedded in the richness and intricacies of historical characters and events. There are two main forces driving this spectacular book. They are first the #historical events surrounding the #seljukempire , #centralasia in the middle ages and even #persianhistory in the beginning of the 20th century; and then you also get a story of intrigue, #philosophical debates and political upheavals. I can definitely picture #aminmaalouf taming those two forces in order to gift us with such a complete and intricate story. I’m absolutely biased to the #medieval #samarkand #alamut and #nishapur part of the story. For a beginner reader such as myself, the history part demands zealous attention and curiosity. However the reward is granted and a given to those who do their homework and patiently read the entire story. Having said that, the story on itself does not disappoint at all and entice you to follow the betrayals and passionate denouements. I just think that by taking a step back and allowing the history Maalouf so painstakingly weaved into these pages, you get to feel transported to a land of no return. #highlyrecommended #interlinkbooks#samarcande #isfahan #merv #khayyam#fitzgerald #rubaiyat

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