Samoan queer lives by Dan Taulapapa McMullin

04217666-4A12-4F9E-A68C-7371F9F722A8.JPGBook set in Samoa. Reviewed on 2019/06:

#samoanqueerlives is the perfect example of what happens when the editors do an outstanding job at curating and creating a cohesive product. Plainly speaking, this book is a collection of powerful and personal #autobiographicalstories which aim to talk about their own lives first and foremost. So what makes this book special? #dantaulapapamcmullin and #yukikihara focus on the word #faafafine not in order to define it in any way, but to help uplift these stories in all their potential. Fa’afafine as a word not to box or to limit, but instead a word to propel their stories and let them shine through. That’s the best way I can explain it! And the stories talk about pretty much about anything under the sun casually and effortlessly: #homophobia and #transphobia in conservative #samoansociety , racism and alienation in the diaspora including within Western #lgbtqi+ communities but also the importance of knowing and honoring your past, and the degree of personal freedom which can be attained outside of #samoa among so many other topics. So instead of asking yourself what is Fa’afafine? much as #taulapapa proposes at the beginning, let’s ask ourselves instead What is Life? #recommended#genderqueerlit #queersamoa#samoanqueer #apia #tauatane#faatane #faafatama #americansamoa#littleislandpress

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