Sanin by Mikhail Artsybashev

E6CB8888-61F4-4E4C-8C66-52B88A7B0F1FBook set in Kharkhov, Ukraine. Reviewed on 2020/01:

Yes, all the rumors are true. #sanin is #nihilist , #hedonistand highly logical in its own rational path to meaninglessness. There is still something even more striking going on here. Sanin is deliciously entertaining and exhilarating. I do not remember the last time I had to stop myself from reading because the story is taking me to the “dark side” in such a logical and enjoyable way. Personally and I assume others like me will have some issues with the topics which #mikhailartsybashev talks about here, and more pointedly the way in which he conveys his message and his #individualistic and #meaningless take on life. Sanin is so convincing and enticing that he is seen as a #troublemaker and an #instigator . I venture to say that Sanin as well as #artsybashev would be #censuredtoday as it was back in the 1900s when it was first published in #imperialrussia , banned by the #bolsheviks , obviously banned by the #soviets and then reluctantly republished in the new capitalist Russia. Even outside of Russia, I’m not surprised that only an academic publisher had the guts to translate and republish this incendiary book. All this to say that Sanin will enrage you from the very first pages until the end because of both the #controversialcontent and the captivating power of the writing. Read it at your own discretion! #highlyrecommended#cornelluniversitypress #Санин#Arcybaszew #арцыбашев #kharkhiv#russianliterature

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