Saudade by Suneeta Peres da Costa

Book set in Benguela, Angola. Reviewed on 2020/09:

“Awake, this face was full of sadness, a saudade – a lostness, a feeling of not having a place in the world.” #saudade by #suneetaperesdacosta is a #comingofage story drowned in #nostalgia . The young woman searching for her own place in 1960s #angola has a lot of #identities thrown at her which hold her down to a predetermined past. #peresdacosta invites us to sneak in and observe in a very #initimate way, the main character’s awakening to a sense of independence from the forces trying to contain her and not allow her to flourish into her full self. This all sounds heavy, but somehow Peres da Costa manages to embellish the story and seemingly entice you to fall in love with the text and the story itself. I enjoyed reading how the story touches upon both the local dramas between an #angolan society ripe for change and her traditional #goan #indian family AND universal themes on finding yourself, who you are in a world full of setbacks, disappointments and failures. #recommended #benguela #luanda #lisbon #angolanliterature #transitbooks #movingbackwards #constantexile #nostalgic

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