Season of migration to the north by Tayeb Salih

IMG_0916Set in Wad Hamid, Sudan. Reviewed on 2018/04:

This is without a doubt another strong contender to my #bestbookofthemonth And how can it not be? In a little over 100 pages, #tayebsalihtransports us to the realm of #liberationthe isolating and ultimately personal path towards liberation. Written a few years after the independence of #sudan and on the cusp of many other #african countries gaining independence, #seasonofmigrationtothenorth was initially banned in Sudan and also in several neighboring countries in both Africa and the Middle East. Nationalist and sacrosanct narratives do not sit well with #mustafa ‘s story. Compared to the all-encompassing and soul-crashing political and religious movements searching to impose one reality to everyone, Mustafa strives to live his own #lie to the fullest. #london #women #sex#suicide are his choices and those which definitely populate his life. The most astonishing thing about this book is how it manages to disappoint pretty much anyone trying to link #salih to a trend or a movement. I personally think this book was initially banned, continues to in some circles in the Middle East, and does not enjoy the wide recognition it deserves, because Mustafa is in a world of his own. The longevity and persistence of people’s disdain towards this tiny book to me speaks volumes of the amazing and ultimately revelatory experience of living your life on your own terms. #highlyrecommended #sudaneseliterature#wadhamid #khartoum #nyrb#موسم_الهجرة_إلى_الشمال #الطيب_صالح

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