Secrets we kept by Krystal A. Sital

IMG_1628Set in Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago. Reviewed on 2018/06:

There are a couple of things noteworthy in this book. The language of the #indocaribbean family portrayed in #secretswekept feels almost as another #secret the family is/was keeping. #krystalsital painstakingly transliterates the intonations of a #spokenlanguage which reflects the family as much as the #indiancommunities in #trinidad . Once you get the hang of it, I believe these written words are an important piece of the puzzle. My second point is that this is both a violent and brutal read and as much so a human and endearing read. #families portrayed as both a source of indescribable pain but also endless hope. That same dualism really drives the plot in this book. However #sitaldoesn’t want you to forget that this is a #memoir and hence a nonfiction book. I’m saying this not to belittle or disrespect this book. I’m saying it because it does feel a little too simple and #matteroffact for my taste. At times the story felt constrained and trapped and begging to let free through metaphors and self reflection. At the end a #recommended read to discover, to empathize and to bear witness. #familysaga #norton #jerseycity#trinidadandtobago #sangregrande#portofspain #familyabuse #immigrant

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