Shame by Taslima Nasrin

IMG_7157Set in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Reviewed on 2018/12:

What does it mean to be a #traitor ? At what point do you become one? And what happens if speaking out your mind ends up hurting those closest to you? These are some of the questions posed but never answered in #shame by #taslimanasrin . Related to my post yesterday, I was so thrilled when these two somehow seemed to be talking about the same thing albeit from different angles. Orwell seemed more preoccupied with constructing a story. #nasrin wants to bear witness. In bearing witness, she creates lists of events, keeping numbers of those killed and temples destroyed while collecting the tragic story of #hindus in #bangladesh . In order to tell this story and much like Orwell’s #burmesedays , #nasreen has to betray those around her, the group she belongs to and those in power. She paid the consequences dearly: her book was immediately banned and she was forced into exile. What impacted me the most in Shame is how the main character does not rescind his own thinking despite the madness and killings around him. I think at the end of the day, Shame is a call not for you to look for the “traitors” in other groups, but for you to think differently and speak up within your own community. #highlyrecommended #mymensingh #prometheusbooks #bengal #bengaliliterature #dhaka #censored #lajja #theonlyone #ayodha

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