She called me woman by Chitra Nagarajan

C35B4FF0-9905-4A7B-BF3E-5E0D5F520158Book set in Ibadan, Nigeria. Reviewed on 2019/05:

Another #cassavarepublic book, another great read! What it means to be a #nigerianwoman , a #nigerianqueerwoman more specifically. These #genderqueer stories give us a wide range of profiles: #women who love women, women who love men and women, women who love, women who wear suits, women who used to be men, women who exist, women who are whoever or whatever they want to be, etc. The simple existence of this book should be a reason for everyone to rejoice. The real stories brought forward here are much needed and they represent an urge to be present, to be heard. I have said multiple times before that stories inevitably repeat themselves. What makes reading “new” and refreshing is once the story takes place in a different location and you add voices ostracized one way or another. A #lovestory is a love story is a love story regardless of the gender identity or expression or sexual orientation of the protagonists or what the haters tell you. I think that’s certainly very clear from the stories collected in this #anthology#shecalledmewomanaims to shed light on a reality as intrinsically #nigerian and #african as it is human. These stories belong to their societies and communities wholeheartedly and unambiguously and this book confirms that. The work for us now is to encourage people to read them over and over again and allow them to touch us. #highlyrecommended#nigerianliterature #genderqueerlit#ibadan #cassavarepublicpress#AzeenarhMohammed#ChitraNagarajan #AishaSalau#lgbtqnigeria #lgbtnigeria

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