She plays with the darkness by Zakes Mda

IMG_1264Set in Maseru, Lesotho. Reviewed on 2018/05:

A vivid cacophony of #voices all set in #lesotho and its never ending #coup crises. That’s my best attempt at a summary. #zakesmdadefinitely shows how skillful he is at telling us the #history of a county through the misty and hazy veil of 4 eyes. Eyes belonging to #twins whom have followed very divergent paths. Personally I was way more interested in one twin #dikosha . She seemed to me the most mysterious and different character among them all. With the title referring to her directly, I was surprised #mda didn’t give her an even more prominent role. The male twin seemed to be going through all the political changes in the country and does receive a significant amount of attention throughout the book. Despite her reduced amount of attention, I still had the feeling that every time Dikosha appeared there was an inexplicable and enigmatic #auraabout her and it exemplifies her own way of #resisting and surviving the dramatic changes happening around her. Overall I’m going to #recommed anyone this book mostly because it’s an interesting account on Lesotho and also perhaps a beginning into the prolific world of Zakes Mda. #maseru #southafricanliterature #mafeteng#quthing #militarycoup#newlyindependent#sheplayswiththedarkness #fsg #picador

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