She weeps each time you’re born by Quan Barry

98752122-F828-483F-A71A-8D4C4591B675.JPGBook set in Song Ma, Vietnam. Reviewed on 2019/07:

Another #bestbookofthemonth option! Telling your story can also lead you to betray that same story. Inevitably #memoryplays tricks with you recollection of that same story you’re trying to tell. #quanbarry is here to tell us that those tricks, those shortcomings, those gaps in our memory are actually the only way you can move forward and heal. By retelling the story considering all that you have inevitably forgotten and the new ways in which you’re telling the story, you’re able to create a new narrative and see your trauma(s) in a new light. And how is that even possible? How is it possible considering the horrific history of #vietnam in the 20th century in particular? #sheweepseachtimeyoureborn is an endless accumulation of memories and nightmares propelling the reader into a never-changing past and a fated future. Visceral, raw and evocative, #barry does not spare acrobatic writing styles to bring us to a cacophony of voices telling the story. A chorus of dead voices telling their stories from silences and from their own traumas. The main question is will we listen? #highlyrecommended#vietnameseliterature #saigon #hanoi#songma #hochiminhcity #refugees#endlesswar #vintagebooks#deadvoices #hue #dienbienphu#nhatrang

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