Song of a birdsong by Jasmin Darznik

71BA47AB-555B-4E14-BC7C-513A2864B461 (1)Book set in Tehran, Iran. Reviewed on 2019/08:

I sinned a sin full of pleasure,
In an embrace which was warm and fiery.
I sinned surrounded by arms
that were hot and avenging and iron.
In that dark and silent seclusion
I looked into his secret-full eyes.
my heart impatiently shook in my breast
In response to the request of his needful eyes.
In that dark and silent seclusion,
I sat dishevelled at his side.
his lips poured passion on my lips,
I escaped from the sorrow of my crazed heart.
I whispered in his ear the tale of love:
I want you, O life of mine,
I want you, O life-giving embrace,
O crazed lover of mine, you.
desire sparked a flame in his eyes;
the red wine danced in the cup.
In the soft bed, my body
drunkenly quivered on his chest.
I sinned a sin full of pleasure,
next to a shaking, stupefied form.
O God, who knows what I did
In that dark and quiet seclusion.

#sin by #foroughfarrokhzad is her most famous #poem and one in which she versed her soul. An “immodest, imperious, disruptive, depressed, slovenly, excitable, impertinent, dishonest, obsessive, secretive, erratic, nonsensical” woman that singlehandedly managed to infuriate throughout all her life the ayatollahs, religious zealots, communists, monarchists and so-called intellectuals. All of them united in their hate and disdain for #women . #farrokhzad through her raw poems and her unequivocally independent life, she unmasked them as the hypocrites and liars that they were and continue to be. #jasmindarznik does a terrific job at mixing true life events either in #iranianand Farrokhzad’s history with a few fiction takes to bring to life the full force of her choices, her path and her genius. I know a few of you are reading your way through #womenintranslationmonth . If I may make a suggestion, I’d #highlyrecommend a few #iranianwriterswhich have I have had the immense privilege to read: Shahrnush Parsipur, Goli Taraghi, Sara Farizan, Negar Djavadi, Parnaz Foroutan, Zoyâ Pirzâd among others. And in that outstanding pantheon, I’d like to add the one and only Forough Farrokhzād. #recommended#iranianliterature #tehran #ahvaz#ballantinebooks #فرخزاد #فروغ_فرخزاد#تهران #اهواز #songofacaptivebird

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