Song of night by Glenville Lovell

IMG_1657Set in Oistins, Barbados. Reviewed on 2018/06:

Let’s be clear! There is a significant amount of #humanmisery on #songofnight by #glenvillelovell . And I have to begin my mini #bookreview by pointing this out because the plot develops inconspicuously and then it ends tragically and disturbingly. I definitely felt that #lovellaimed at showing us the #misery of not having options and how the bad decisions of our predecessors almost accompany us from the day we are born. Personally it was difficult to penetrate into the world of agony and nightmare that falls on Night or Cyan. I can’t tell you whether it’s because of this week or because of his particular writing style. What I can tell you is that the background story in this book did resonate with me. Lovell makes the connection between the rapid commercial and #touristic development of #barbados and the calamities suffered by the main character. Throughout the story, there is a convincing and strong argument against the voracious and pernicious consequences of a development not concerned with the island’s #ecosystem be it flora/fauna or people’s livelihood. What kept me reading this book was solely the latent link between rapacious development and the day-to-day lives of #barbadians #recommended#bajan #bajancreole #bridgetown#sohopress #oistins #barbadianwomen#americantourists #barbardianliterature#bajanliterature

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