Song of the simple truth by Julia de Burgos

IMG_1793Set in Loíza, Puerto Rico. Reviewed on 2018/06:

Río Grande de Loíza! … Blue. Brown. Red.
Blue mirror, fallen piece of blue sky;
Naked white flesh that turns black
Each time the night enters your bed;
Red stripe of blood, when the rain falls
In torrents and the hills vomit their mud.
Río Grande de Loíza! … Great river. Great flood of tears.
The greatest of all our island’s tears.
Save those greater that come from the eyes
Of my soul for my enslaved people.

I’m writing this post in English because I really want to encourage people outside of #puertorico and specially non-Spanish speakers to discover the one and only #juliadeburgos . This #goddess of #puertorican poetry and incredible source of inspiration lived a somehow tragic life and never received the fame and recognition herself and her poetry so rightfully deserved while she was alive. As a woman, a Puerto Rican and a strong #activist for the island’s independence and civil rights in general, she immersed herself in her writings to express her struggles, her desires and her frustrations. By doing so, she also gave voice to millions of #puertoricans moving to the US at the time looking for a better life and having to face discrimination and racism. Little did #juliaknow that her poetry will continue to resonate so vividly and offer solace to millions of Puerto Ricans now once again displaced because of economic policies created to benefit just a few, hundreds left to die after a hurricane and no one ever going to be held accountable for it, and the others left on the island to the mercy of corrupt local leaders and the next man made disaster… #vivapuertoricolibre#puertoricolibre #songofthesimpletruth#curbstonepress #ríograndedeloíza#riograndedeloiza #puertoricanpoetry#poesíapuertorriqueña #poetry#caribbeanpoetry #poesíacaribeña#puertoricanwomen #bilingualbooks

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