Sons for the return home by Albert Wendt

1CA01C9C-7761-4E30-8F6C-0B5C4B0C6191Book set in Wellington, New Zealand. Reviewed on 2019/03:

I read #albertwendt last month for the first time. I was so taken with his Adventures of Vela that I made the book my #bestbookofthemonth . Is it possible it could happen again this month with #sonsforthereturnhome ? There’s def a big chance! This book is a brutally honest account on what it is to #belong to #identifyto represent and then to #return . Who gets to return and where and why? What do you consider #home at the end? In a lot of ways #wendt tells the quintessential #immigrantstory. He does it by using #autobiographicalelements from his own experience as a #samoan growing up in a racist, whites-only and hypocritical #newzealand . But what I loved the most about this book is how Wendt strives to give you a full picture. A picture with more #racism among #pacificislanders , mixed couples and individual happiness. And this whole picture is not there to justify one narrative over another or to neutralize anything. I think Wendt was simply trying to tell a story, a full story which will fight our urges to simplify everything, to see one group separate from another, to box people in categories. Is it love complicating everything here? Love between a #pakeha girl and a Samoan? To some extent. But I think the explosive element here is to confront a character living his life independently, unapologetically and making decisions on his own, by himself and for himself. #highlyrecommended #longmanpaul#wellington #samoa #roadtrip #forbiddenlove

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