Sophie Scholl and the white rose

IMG_4227Set in Munich, Germany. Reviewed on 2018/08:

“Allen Gewalten zum Trotz sich erhalten” said Herr #scholl quoting #goethe to his daughter #sophiescholl on her way to meet her brother at the university of #munich . You know what amazed me the most while reading this book and other similar #resistance stories: how much we are trapped in the same story playing in front of us over and over again. It doesn’t matter the language, the country or era, it’s all the same fight. I can’t really explain the cyclical and repetitiveness of the story. However if there is anything vivid and pressing about this book is the strong and much needed message it encompasses. In times of neonazi parades in Germany and the head of the Israeli state parading avowed anti semites in yad vashem and also #populism in the hearts and minds of some many people in many countries from Sweden, the US and Australia, #sophiescholl ‘s story is here as a testament to one thing and one thing only. It doesn’t matter how many people they brainwash, kill, silence, ostracize, jail, behead, these strong men drunk in power and fascism never ever win… The problem is what they take with them once they fall. What happens when we all realize that their hold to power and anti democracy and inhumanity was encouraged and reinforced by every single time we decided to ignore, to look the other way, because well they deserved it anyway and it wasn’t affecting us, right? So at the end when they fall, because they all do at some point inevitably, what will they take with them? Your humanity? Your soul? Your consciousness? … #highlyrecommended#sophieschollandthewhiterose#oneworldpublications #antinazi#hansscholl #willigraf #christophprobst#alexanderschmorell #pamphlets #ulm#ludwigmaximiliansuniversität#dieweißerose #dieweisserose

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