Soumchi by Amos Oz

5F3CE3EA-4468-4BA3-9775-F9CBC0FC1210Book set in Jerusalem, Israel. Reviewed on 2020/01:

Living in a world without luminaries such as #amosoz is scary and depressing. In the case of #oz , he left us with his stories, his words to take solace in. That’s what I felt when reading #soumchi . Simply said, this book is deceivingly simple. There are multiple doors to the story, multiple ways of reading, multiple versions of Soumchi. Is this a #comingofagestory? Is this a #psychological study on an #israeliidentity? Is this a #historical novel? Is this a #youngreaders book? It’s all of the above and even something else. More than trying to figure out what it is, I believe it’s better to just let the story unfold itself at its own pace and with its own rhythm. There is something very transcendental, deeply human and timeless, all embedded in the story. Soumchi also feels like a case study on yet another #jerusalemite character that Oz so masterfully knew how to create. You read in this tiny book the city and the people he grew up with and perhaps an amuse-bouche before his magnum opus, A Tale of Love and Darkness. #highlyrecommended #jerusalem#israeliliterature #marinerbooks #סומכי#ירושלים #עמוסעוז#ataleofloveandadventure#unnamedspeaker#streetsofjerusalem

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