Sovereign erotics by Qwo-Li Diskrill

AE31F0E2-E35F-4364-B66E-7BF90FF815BABook set in Minneapolis, United States. Reviewed on 2019/06:

The fact that a book like this one is possible and it exists should be reason enough to rejoice and celebrate. In #sovereignerotics we have more 60 pieces of artistic and human expression transcending identities, pain, joy and silences. While reading this book, I felt as if I was opening up a hidden and secluded vault which I was not supposed to have read. These stories come from a place of ancient wisdom, imposed silence and a deep sense of resistance and resilience. #resilience is of extreme importance here. Facing an never-ending struggle to live, to love and to be, these #GLBTQ2 writers are showing a way to heal. #nativeamericanliterature confronting through these #poems , #shortstories , essays , etc. a multiplicity of #memories and real possibilities: being #twospirit , being #queer , being plain and simple. I can’t thank the editors: #QwoLiDriskill#DanielHeathJustice#DeborahMiranda #LisaTatonettienough for perfectly curating an #anthology that represents the breadth of this community. It is definitely a voyage into a place where voices have been locked for far too long but their lights will forever survive and live. #highlyrecommended#genderqueerlit#universityofarizonapress#nativeamerican #firstnations#nativecanadians

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