Speak no evil by Uzondinma Iweala

3E4D886B-A698-46CE-A26F-03BA0F9F5772Book set in Washington, DC, United States. Reviewed on 2019/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5qC-c_gt99/

My mini reviews are about what I felt during and after reading a book. This to say that #speaknoevil by #uzodinmaiwealatouches upon a topic which I have found myself thinking about lately: our multiple #struggles either between or within ourselves and whether they can be compared at all. If you have read several #comingoutstories, you quickly realize that there elements that appear in basically all of them. These elements are important because they help us see common ground, and create #solidarity with different people. However we should also strive to highlight what makes these coming out stories different, and try to form bridges on that as well. I think that #iwaela allows #Niru to navigate both elements and multiple worlds in between. Iwaela also draws attention to the multiples levels of #identity and the never ending give and take: personal, group and society. For some people, including Niru in this story, these levels are not set in stone: they fight against each other or they decrease or expand in intensity throughout the years or depending on what others see in you. Are you a privileged #wealthy #Harvardgraduate? Are you #nigerian or American? Who gets to decide how much you belong into the black community or any community whatsoever? Who can define the #gayexperience? I’m not going to lie, this story has a few gaps, and I don’t particularly think it’s all fully fledged. However this is a beginning of a much needed conversation now that parts of the lgbt community seem accepted in some part of the mainstream culture of this country. I love where this book is taking us. #recommended#washingtondc #lambdaliterary#harperbooks #harperperennial#lgbtqliterature #washington#comingofage #gayandblack

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