Sphinx by Anne Garreta

4FE085A2-1D5B-4A9C-98D8-4F10329DE729Book set in Paris, France. Reviewed on 2019/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxLd0ldH9Vc/

Any translator brave enough to tackle translating an #oulipowriter gets all my admiration right away. So first and foremost kudos to #emmaramadan for such a spectacular job with #sphinx by #annegarreta . I actually read this jewel in the original French a while back and from what I remember this #deepvellum book does all the possible honors. You can definitely concentrate on the grammatical innovations which make this book already one of a kind. Again same innovations which #deepvellumbooks and Ramadan so masterfully translate into English here. That should suffice you to give this book a chance. However if your curiosity so desires, there is indeed more: the sense of mystery, of silences, of unspoken truths, of inevitable encounterings. #garreta delves heavily on memories and how they fade, how much we try to make them vivid and lucid despite the passing of time, and despite it all, we are slaves to #remembering and #longingfor nostalgia. Can love even claim to be exempt of our failing memories? Or is love the worst example of our inevitably shortcomings? #highlyrecommended#annegarréta #garréta #frenchliterature#paris #genderqueerlit#deepvellumpublishing#fragilememories #genderlesslove#debutnovel #mindbending

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