Spirits in the dark by H Nigel Thomas

D50CA3BF-C99A-47C2-947A-0E5308F35784Book set in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Reviewed on 2019/11: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5DVYePgXMw/

And this is officially my 1000th #minireview in this account since Jan 2017. YAY! Yes, 1000 is not the number of posts on my account. The reason is that I archive posts all the time, especially those two years older. Ultimately I want to keep all my content in my blog (link in bio) and not here. And now for the actual review: What’s really happening on #spiritsinthedark by #hnigelthomas ? At first I thought that the story was failing to take off despite talking about pressing issues: #colonialism#racism #multiracialcaribbean#homosexuality and more. And then the ending comes along, and it completely shatters the opinion I had already formed. The book does not seem to be about a specific social malaise. #thomas positions #jeromeas a questioning #antihero trying to challenge all the narratives imposed on him. The story is about Jerome dealing with reactions and people’s expectations of him. I would have loved for the writer to have made it all more clear from the beginning, and stress more prominently this curious and inquisitive angle. H Nigel Thomas as much as Jerome, and in a very #caribbean way I’d add, is all content with not bothering the reader too much or too abruptly. Inevitably all that questioning left buried inside boils up and explodes with catastrophic consequences. Jerome learns that. I just wish the writer would have allowed us to see that more clearly and earlier in the story. #recommended#stvincentandthegrenadines#saintvincent #caribbeanliterature#houseofanansi #isabellan#houseofanansipress #canada#islandhopping

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