Stone butch blues by Leslie Feinberg

0F6622B8-C2D8-44B5-8D7E-87F38EF78D84Book set in Buffalo, United States. Reviewed on 2019/06:

I think #stonebutchblues by #lesliefeinberg is one of those books that you should receive on your mail automatically once you come out. Welcome to the #lgbtqicommunity! Here’s you copy! Without a doubt this is a #seminal book which doesn’t cease to demand, to question and to challenge from its own place of timelessness. What does it mean to belong to this entire #queer community specially when it comes to our history, and its connections to issues of race, class and gender? We are at a crossroads in our community right now where the work of #memory becomes extremely important. We are about to commemorate the 50th anniversary of #stonewall . The struggle, the pain, the protest, the #riot elements that propelled Stonewall need to be preserved but also need to shine some light on and guide the very real and pressing issues of people in our and other communities for which the same pain and struggles continue. This is when #feinberg ‘s message is simply prophetic. If we don’t do our homework, we could be in a situation where the seeds of hate and anger create divisions and differences among us. Feinberg’s message is important because it warns us about the perils of passing, of some of us being allowed to believe that we are passing, of those who may enjoy winning opportunities on the back of others. As I said yesterday, either we are all on this together or we’re not. This memory work is crucial and has to be done ASAP. #highlyrecommended #memoir #buffalo#genderqueerlit #butch #fuckpassing#againstallodds #canonical#firebrandbooks #allconnected

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