Stories of our lives by the Nest Collective

8FB9CD75-E9EB-45E9-8B1B-75EB9F3A4ED4Book set in Kenya. Reviewed on 2019/05:

“Dear Kenyan Queer, You are not alone. Whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re somewhere in between or somewhere in beyond; you exist. You must never let them take that away. Exist. Breathe. Love and Be Loved. Fuck. Thrive. Apologize to no one for your existence.” These are the mighty and intoxicating words introducing this outstanding book, this outstanding archives of stories. #thenestcollectiveis giving us life, emotions, feelings all in written words. Words and stories which resonate so profoundly and so honestly that they come to life. We make them come to life when we read them, when we listen to them, when we give the space to be spoken/read out loud. The people in these stories were brave enough to come forward and share their longings, love, hate, ambitions and failures. Now we have to do our part and read them, and share them and listen. I can’t thank enough the #nestcollective for gifting us with such a diverse range of not only #sexualorientation and #sexualexpression stories but also a diverse range of #kenyan stories: from all parts of the country, from all religions or no religion, from all racial backgrounds, from all socio-economic backgrounds. Yes, these stories are intrinsically rooted in that #kenya that they know, share, love and hate. But these stories are so true, so honest, so unpretentious, so deceivingly simple that reach out to all of us. #storiesofourlives is the power of telling your story and not remaining silent against all the odds. Please do support this incredible work. Here is the link to purchase this book and also in my bio:

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