Summertime by J. M. Coetzee

IMG_1319Set in Cape Town, South Africa. Reviewed on 2018/05:

Last mini #bookreview of the month and as promised we have arrived in #capetown . It’s winter now in #ctown but in #coetzee ‘s world it seems to be always #summertime . I have previously read several books when the characters or a character in particular becomes #largerthanlife . He or she is so vivid and “alive” that it simply transcends the pages of the book and the writer loses control over him/her. The simple genius behind Summertime is that here we have the writer himself becoming that character whom he loses control of. And how can that possibly happen when the writer does even speak in the story? The absence of the writer in the story exacerbates the chaotic and towering presence of the writer. In other words, are the stories that people tell to each other about you more real than yourself? Whatever people may say about you supplants your self and that #personabecomes lifelike and truer than you. That is how this great book made me feel. As convoluted as that might sound though, I do have to say that #jmcoetzee is funny, incisive and even playful in this book. He deconstructs himself to your great enjoyment! #highlyrecommended#penguinbooks #southafricanliterature#nobelprizeinliterature #suburbian#interviews #series #mockdocumentary#southafrica #biographical #fakememoir#lovers

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