Sunlight on a broken column by Attia Hosain

349DB958-99C3-477E-A1A3-A0A1E5FCB879Book set in Lucknow, India. Reviewed on 2019/07:

#sunlightonabrokencolumn is my 2nd book set in #india this month but also my first in the next four posts of books written by and talking about #indianmuslims . #attiahosain wrote this book in the 1960s for a generation of #muslims in India which grew up a couple of decades after the #partitionbut with the direct consequences staring at them in their faces. However #hosaindecides to begin her story a little earlier than the Partition with an #orphan from a rich #talukdar family in the #uttarpradesh region. Despite her aristocratic upbringing, Laila is confronted with two fast-approaching independence movements: India and that of herself. Both events are supposed to be moments of epiphany and complete fulfillment. However Laila under the masterful writing skill of Hosain, learns very quickly that nothing is as simple as it seems and everyone claims to have already decided for her. Hosain takes us through those turbulent years seen through the eyes of a #muslimwomanstriving to be herself against all odds. Does she succeed at the end? Does she manage to make any allies? Does betrayal come from her own people or from those claiming to know what’s best for her? Who has the final say? #highlyrecommended #indianliterature#lucknow #taluqdar #muslimindian#penguinbooks #urdu #riots#forbiddenlove

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