Surviving the nazi occupation of Luxembourg by Marguerite Thill

IMG_3659Set in Esch, Luxembourg. Reviewed on 2018/08:

Could someone please send a copy of this book to DT or Bibi or Orban or any other #autocracy lover in the world? I know they don’t like reading. But it’s not going to get easier than this. #survivingthenazioccupationofluxembourgis only a handful of pages and written in a very simple prose. At times it feels as if #margueritethill is literally next to you writing #herstory in a deeply personal and human way. This tiny #european country always pays a price for its size and being so close to overly ambitious neighbors. #thilldescribes her #family ‘s and her own battles against feeling privileged and somehow safe until the all consuming storm of hate and fear and war comes to devour them as well. It’s again written in such a brief and simple way that I might even #recommend it for kids and teenagers since it also talks about her own #comingofage story. More importantly it’s also a #testament of our own stories, the #stories of our #survivors against the demagoguery and fallacy of our so-called leaders. #esch #eschsuralzette#luxembourg #luxembourgcity#nazioccupation #wwii #xlibrisbooks#refugees

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