Temporary people by Deepak Unnikrishnah

IMG_6557Set in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Reviewed on 2017/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW6iHkPB33n/

I’ve personally always felt cautious to say the least about all these universities running to countries where there is absolutely no #freedomofspeech or freedom to upset the status quo, freedom to #resist or simply to think differently. Here with #temporarypeople we might have a glimpse of hope given the fact that #unnikrishnan teaches at #nyuabudhabi I’m saying all this because this book aims to disturb, make you feel uncomfortable, question your surroundings and get angry. Although he uses a significant amount of allegories and beautifully illustrated stories, this isn’t animal-loving Mo Yan. Unnikrishnan is assertive, tenacious and dare I say mad in a society that does not welcome #dissent and questioning, specially when it comes to its veracious appetite for a passive labor force. And let’s be honest most countries had used or continues to use other communities specially #foreigners to do work which no local wants to do and then they’re expected to love it every day without any complaints whatsoever. However in the case of #uae and other #gulfcountries I think they have really taken advantage of #humantrafficking and people’s desperation for work and hopelessness to another level: mainly to build their disneyland like modern fantasies in an ultra-capitalist way and without any respect for people’s #humanity Perhaps we have here the beginning of something: these same people telling their own stories, through their own voices. #deepakunnikrishnan #emirates #kerala#guestworkers #debut #immigrants #exile#absurd #exploitation

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