Terra Nullius by Claire Coleman

IMG_7113Set in Moore River, Australia. Reviewed on 2018/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq-WIHPnqWM/

Above all #clairecoleman is giving us a master class on the importance and unequivocal central role of #literature of #fictionbooks when talking about historical events. Regardless of how far back or how far away you’re reading about, you simply can’t ignore the #trauma and shattering emotions which remain unspoken years after the events and somehow resurface and influence our daily lives even today. #coleman is allowing us to grasp the devastating effects of what we call the #stolengeneration in #australia . If you do not know what that is, I’m going to let you find more information online. In order to highlight the awesomeness of Coleman, I think you need to look at the two main female characters in the story: Esperence and Sister Bagra. I think we have a tendency to think of #colonialism , either the forces for or against, as a masculine enterprise. In my opinion, Coleman does a phenomenal job at perfectly creating two characters on disparate sides of the equation but which both employ the same force, impetus and astuteness. There is without a doubt a lot of #running happening in #terranullius . But running to where? The answer to that question and in my opinion the magnificent power of this book reside in these two characters. I never fully understood whether they were aware or not of their central role either supporting or combating colonialism. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. The story doesn’t have a clear ending because the consequences, silence and memory of what happened seem to endlessly torture its victims. But also the existence of all the Sister Bagras and Esperences in every generation won’t let the story end. #highlyrecommended #australialiterature #britishcolonialism #clairegcoleman #smallbeerpress #familyseparation #nomansland #mooreriver #settlement #perth #jerramungup

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