The adventures of Vela by Albert Wendt

IMG_8775Book set in Samoa. Reviewed on 2019/02:

Don’t tell my mom! But I power read last night and slept only for a few hours. I simply could not stop reading this book!! What is this addictive #witcherygoing on here!?!?! #theadventuresofvela is an #epic tale of great beauty and deep wisdom. It reminded me of Cervantes’ Don Quixote or Pushkin’s Onegin. #wendtmasterfully plays with words and sentences in a wondrous and wild way which makes you hear the text instead of reading it, in an #oraltradition kind of way. He wants you to understand the story but only to some extent. He wants you to follow the story but only to some extent. The main idea here is that you sit back and let the words wash over you. It’s literally the same feeling I had when reading #omeros by #walcott . #albertwendt requires that element of misunderstanding, silences and beauty without any explanations to transmit a message, a history. I think for a lot of readers is difficult to rescind our urge to rationalize and to understand everything. If you do that, then this book is clearly not for you. I was captivated from the very first pages and was eager to sail alongside #vela . Just to let myself go, almost adrift. Simply put, this book is a #timeless story of raw and mighty beauty. A strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . Also one thing for sure this month, I’m a big big fan of the @uhpress !!! #readoceania #samoan#samoanliterature #samoa#universityofhawaiipress #nafanua#mulialofa #poetry #historicalsaga

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