The African by William Conton

9F96104B-A82F-4E35-8BE2-1C4A8E54853BBook set in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Reviewed on 2020/01:

“Events come, leave their mark on us, and pass on. Sometimes the mark is faint; but at other times it may be quite indelible, however much our memory may deceive us that the incident is forgotten. The forest stream may disappear underground for a while; but nothing can prevent it reappearing on the surface at some lower point in its course.” I believe this quote gives you an idea of both the type of writing and also the message #williamconton wanted to convey. This book aims to tell a story of ambitions, expectations and hope drown in a sand of cyclical mistakes and failures. It’s the old story of three steps forwards and five backwards, and still giving it all you can. In my opinion what makes this book special is #conton ‘s dry and factual writing style. He spends his energy on the characters and the story solely without any sort of embellished grammar or sophisticated metaphors. Much like his main character #kamara , Conton wants to state the facts, tells us how it happened and what happened. Whether we empathize with Kamara or any of the other characters is besides the point. This 1964 #debutnovel is about the writer telling us a story he is too familiar with and his perspective on it. Whether you agree with his perspective or not,, that is another book. #recommended#heinemannbooks#africanwritersseries #songhai#london #apartheid #sagresa#sierraleone #thegambia #gambia#unreliablenarrator #individualistic#sierraleonean #postcolonialism

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