The algarrobos quartet by Mario Goloboff

IMG_1364Set in Carlos Casares, Argentina. Reviewed on 2017/06:

I usually try to buy books in the original language. Of course as long as it doesn’t break my budget and it’s actually feasible. However with#mariogoloboff and his #thealgarrobosquartet I don’t mind this English translation at all for two reasons. First because in this translation, the #universityofnewmexicopress together with #jewishwriter extraordinaire #ilanstavansadd to the #shortstories an introduction, preface, footnotes, sources and by so doing they have compiled an “original” onto itself. Second what is the original version when you have a story of #immigrants ? Is the original this #translation I have with me with all the annotated information? Or is the original the #yiddishkeit that seems to permeate this book? The characters in these stories have no time to think about these questions. They are caught in a world they barely understand nor have the words to describe it. It’s definitely a harsh and brutal world. They are fluid and feel #inbetween . However the world surrounding them only asks direct, yes or no questions which are live or death and contradictory. #jewishgauchos in the #pampas to highlight the plight of immigrant communities trying to fit in, settle in hostile and violent surroundings. It’s a story as old as humanity. But also one we need to remind ourselves over and over again. #highlyrecommended #carloscasares#argentinianliterature #jewishlatinamerica#jewishargentina #criadordepalomas#lalunaquecae #lasagadealgarrobos #series#shortstories

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