The American quarter by Jabbour Douaihy

2AA1547B-27A3-4ECB-9670-95E81AB81241.JPGBook set in Tripoli, Lebanon. Reviewed on 2019/08:

I was looking for books set in #lebanon outside of #beirut and #theamericanquarter is an excellent example of that. #jabbourdouaihy has one main character in this book and that is the city of #tripoli in northern Lebanon. Having said that, if you don’t know anything about #lebanese geography, you could almost believe that the story is taking place in a far away land where people seem #disconnectedfrom important events as well as from themselves and each other. #douaihyis more interested in the dancing movements connecting our lives or at least aiming at. What I loved the most in this story is the daily “stumbling” upon each other and the serendipitous effects it might have or where it might lead you to. I think some readers might come to this book expecting a rush of events culminating into a cathartic climax. That is not what happens here. The stories and the (dis)connection among them is set based on the resilience and passivity of the city and its debonair and hedonistic charm. #recommended #lebaneseliterature#interlinkbooks #paris
#جبور_الدويهي #interlink #طرابلس#citystories #lebanesestories#tripolistories

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