The appointment by Herta Muller

IMG_4628Set in Nitchidrof, Romania. Reviewed on 2018/09:

And I’m ending #myromanianweekend with my very first #hertamüller and quite the read indeed. The #passingofdays of the main characters reminds me of so many great books read in these last weeks. Sometimes living and remaining alive one day after another despite everything forcing you to give in, fall apart and give up is the most incendiary and revolutionary act possible. #müllerbrilliantly and painstakingly portrays the schizophrenic and oppressive tentacles of the #ceaușescu dictatorship in #Romania at the individual level. The book undoubtedly belongs to the realm of bearing witness to the worst of human experiments in which #easterneurope seems to have such a predominant place. But beyond that, I think #hertamuller aims to provide a factual and precise perspective to a #streamofconsciousness technique which are usually anything but. How can we accurately and meticulously measure our emotions under such brutal and tyrannical circumstances? In #theappoinment #mullerhas an absolute and truthful control of the story to the point of making you feel also claustrophobic and asphyxiated. There is no way out and you succumb to her brutal and clairvoyant writing. I just can’t wait to read even more by her and soon. #highlyrecommended #romanianliterature#heutewarichmirliebernichtbegegnet#heutewärichmirliebernichtbegegnet#nițchidorf #portobellobooks#nobelprizeinliterature #ceaucescu#dictatorship

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