The assault by Harry Mulisch

IMG_3648Set in Haarlem, Netherlands. Reviewed on 2018/08:

Potential #bestbookofthemonth alert! Tell me a story #mulisch and make me believe that you’re listening to my own story. Tell me a story and make me believe that literature as a mirror of humanity is still possible. Tell me a story #harrymulisch and make me believe that our lives can be decided in a perennial second. I can’t believe I have lived all these years without knowing anything about Mulisch and more specifically about this #masterpiece of a novel. Much like the literary goddesses and gods I worship, Mulisch thrives in doing one thing: going to the #core of it all, to the atomic level of a story. This story can’t be more specific. The drama only afflicts (at least initially) one family in the #dutch town of #haarlemportraying a reality only relevant to Dutch and European people at the end of #wwii . However the more specific and particular Mulisch gets, the more his story becomes a mirror of all of us. When a writer can vividly describe all of our collective pain, miseries and failures in one single story, she/he joins the realm of #genius . Because this story is so reflective of our inevitable #humanityeveryone is bound to see or take something completely different from it. That’s ok and encouraged. Why? Because #theassault is not a book. This is literally a portal to a specific moment in time frozen in our minds. We can simply open the book and found the action endlessly going on and repeating itself over and over again. #highlyrecommended #dutchliterature#deaanslag #amsterdam #degrotedrie#remembering #pantheonbooks#nazicollaborators #nazioccupation

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