The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu by Joshua Hammer

B6683F49-C869-4260-B9D6-3C7FCFE29838 (1)Book set in Timbuktu, Mali. Reviewed on 2019/09:

I’m willing to guess that neither #joshuahammer nor #simonandschuster has ever met a #librarian . I’m saying that because they commit one of the mortal sins in the #library world: to give a book an incorrect description. I get it! Describing this book for the #journalistic investigation that it is instead of this cheesy title would not have made it into the #newyorktimesbestseller list. Apparently #badasslibrarians is a catchy and marketable term. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️. #thebadasslibrariansoftimbuktu is a #historybook on how current terrorist groups have used northern #mali as a perfect playground if you take into consideration the #tuareg instability in the northern parts of the country and how they threat local communities as well as the cultural heritage of the area. To be fair, #hammer does spend a quarter of the book talking about A local #smuggler part of the renowned #haidara family who does manage to gather and then save arguably one of the largest collection of #timbuktumanuscripts. That part alone perhaps saved this book from complete oblivion. It’s also a story you could have easily found on Wikipedia. Personally I wasn’t impressed with this little story at all. I think the title is unfortunate and most of the plot has nothing to do with the promised premise. As a librarian myself, you know when those two things happen this book will be given priority treatment for #weeding . #weedthebook#askyourlibrarianbeforewritingaboutlibrarians #saharalit

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