The barbary figs by Rashid Boudjedra

Book set in Constantine, Algeria. Reviewed on 2020/11:

 by #rashidboudjedra is a remarkable story and a strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . #boudjedra aims to retell most of #algeria ‘s modern history in the time of a flight between #algiers to #constantine . Instead of relying on facts, the main characters, Rashid and Omar dwell over a series of events which they both interpreted in different ways. These same disparate interpretations have come between their friendship and risk to bury other somewhat positive memories between them. I believe the best part of this book is the ambiguity and contradictions between the stories as they are told by Rashid and Omar. Their differences seem to both repel them and bring them together even closer. Despite their different recollections of events, one thing is certain: war and the pain/trauma it created continue to haunt them whether they acknowledge it or not. Both characters are forced to reckon with the stories they have created for themselves when remembering painful and joyful events, and what happens when their stories contradict others. Whose story is more valuable? Whose story prevails and for how long? #highlyrecommended #lesfiguiersdebarbarie #rachidboudjedra #algerianhistory #algerianliterature #prixduromanarabe #arabiabooks #قسنطينة‎ #بوجدرة‎ #rewritinghistory #historicalperspectives

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