The barefoot woman by Scholastique Mukasonga

A535A5FB-5952-4794-B916-FA4C99B8E6CEBook set in Nyamata, Rwanda. Reviewed on 2020/01:

Here I give you this month’s first #bestbookofthemonth potential choice. What does it mean to fight when you don’t even know what winning looks like? What do you bring to the table when you know for a fact that you’re going to lose the fight anyway? Where to go for that strength when you have to fight the battles constantly? At that moment, the keyword is not so much hope but #resilience . #mukasonga ‘s mother, #stefania knew that with every fiber of her being. #thebarefootwoman is an #autobiographical tribute to Stefania, to her #mother during the time prior to the full unleash of the #tutsigenocide . When it comes to #genocides , divisions of time are only for historians. Every single act is connected and they all culminate with a #genocide . We all play a part and a role. Through the live of #scholastiquemukasonga ‘s mother, we can see how sometimes what appears small and inconsequential in the face of such much evil and fear, those small acts actually become essential in the path of resilience and visionary in imagining a future. #highlyrecommended #archipelagobooks #jordanstump #rwanda #lafemmeauxpiedsnus #tutsi #rwandanliterature #nyamata

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