The beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

F1EBE347-950F-45F2-8D52-AC575F8186DABook set in Aleppo, Syria. Reviewed on 2020/06:

If this #penguinrandomhouse book can be the beginning of an honest and empathetic conversation about the horrific situation of #syrianrefugees , so be it! Based on the text, you can tell that #Lefteri loved her characters. She wanted us to go through the same ordeals and traumatic events that they experience. My only criticism is that I wished #christylefteri would have allowed the reader to understand more the context here and go deep into the #syrian culture to then reach out to all of us. In #thebeekeeperofaleppo , Lefteri is obsessed (and rightly so!) with crafting a story that will touch as many people as possible. However, in my opinion, her obsession deters her from reaching into the deep trenches of grief and pain in #syria . Inevitably the story here becomes predictable at some point despite the power of what’s being said. However, I still think this book might ignite some interest despite our addicted apathy. I just wished it leads readers to move on afterwards to #ahmaddannyramadan , #ulfatidilbi , #samaryazbek , #nihadsirees , #osamaalomar and so many other outstanding representatives of the force of #syrianliterature talking to each other for centuries about pain, grief and survival, hope. #ballantinebooks #aleppo #refugees#beekeeper #ballantine

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