The bleeding of the stone by Ibrahim Al-Koni

8D3DF175-FDE5-497C-96F8-5C69C484B151.JPGBook set in Wadi Matkhendush, Libya. Reviewed on 2019/09:

My #bestbookofthemonth already?!? #thebleedingofthestone by the one and only #ibrahimalkoni reminds me why I read and also why I read the books I read. We are walking in this desolate #desert and trying desperately to escape. But then you stop and read and listen and #alkoni tells you: “How can you live in the desert without patience? Use patience and cunning, they’re the secrets of the desert.” It just washes over you. It’s like food to your soul. And if you’ve never experienced that sensation of a book reaching out to you when you must need it, well you probably have no clue what I’m talking about. Through this deceivingly tiny book, Al-Koni does what I think only the genius writers can accomplish: going deeper into something specific, a specific culture and a simple #parable to reach everyone, to see all of our humanity for what it is. You don’t have to be #tuareg or #berberor #libyan or #arab to understand how much life is a constant fight between these three characters: Asouf, Cain and the #maddan . All three characters in constant fight with each other and completely oblivious to the fact that their own survival is intrinsically linked to the survival of the other. They fail to understand this simple fact over and over again. Instead at some point one is going to kill the other and the story will begin all over again. We are trapped in an endless cycle of repetitive plots which we play without any interest in creating anything different or new. #highlyrecommended #interlinkbooks#saharalit #tuaregliterature#libyanliterature #symbolism#desertparable #interlink #libyandesert

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