The book of chamaleons by Jose Eduardo Agualusa

IMG_6008Set in Huambo, Angola. Reviewed on 2017/09:

I’m in love with #agualusa and the worlds he creates in his books. I can tell you that it feels like Pessoa, García Marquez, Lispector, and all that sounds correct to some extent. But ultimately this man has his own vision of the world which he builds in every book. Here we have a very seemingly simple premise. Felix Ventura had spent most of his lifetime dedicated to his profession: a seller of pasts. If you’re bored, annoyed or sad with your past, Ventura can change that for you. He sells new #memories new #pasts for you and satisfaction is guaranteed. His business is good that at some point you have no idea how to distinguish what’s the real story from the invented one. And is that even a real problem? The result is quite outstanding and it touches on so much when it comes to the history of #angola and its current reality on race, social classes and the war. A great example on topics which are usually mentioned and treated in #africanliterature and how different and widely creative Agualusa chooses to treat them. It’s a must read. #highlyrecommended#thebookofchameleons #huambo #luanda#angolanliterature #ovendedordepassados#newidentities #newhistories#joseeduardoagualusa#joséeduardoagualusa #dreamfilled#simonandschuster #war #lusophoneafrica#lusophone

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