The book of Khartoum

F4F6F658-0955-481C-95A5-CA9CBCDA68B1Book set in Khartoum, Sudan. Reviewed on 2019/09:

I’m just going to go ahead and say that the introduction was what I enjoyed the most here. You learn of the historical and geographical role of #khartoum and how it all translates to literature with luminaries within #sudaneseliterature such as #tayebsalihand #leilaaboulela . The introduction also mentioned a lot of other names that I now want to research and eventually read. However when it comes to the actual #shortstories featured in #thebookofkhartoum they felt flat and predictable to me. Perhaps the ones by #hammourziada and #raniamamounwere slightly interesting and of special mention. It didn’t help that I was reading #aboulela ‘s outstanding collection at the same time. I’ll be interested to hear from someone from Khartoum who has read this book or stories or even someone who has visited the city. Khartoum and to some extent all of #sudan seem to be living the catastrophic consequences of layers upon layers of massacres, failing hopes and destroyed promises which are all so masterfully explored by the one and only #salih . I’m not sure you can possibly topple that without looking into past. #commapress #englishpenaward#anthology #nile #bluenile #omdurman#الخرطوم #whitenile #khartum #saharalit

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